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Have you tried mobile Messenger yet? I’m not an avid user, but I HAVE used it a few times to contact coworkers (whom I don’t have their phone number) or just to send a quick message. It’s definitely worth trying out. It’s a great option for staying connected when you’re away from your computer.

Recently, Windows Live Messenger for Mobile released a beta. Check it out at

I like the new version a lot. While emoticons are a nice touch, being able to view your contacts in groups, controlling your status when you go online, and the conversation window make the client much easier to use.

Here’s a what’s posted on

What it is
It’s everything you already love about Messenger–on your mobile device. Windows Live(TM) Messenger for Mobile helps give you instant access to your contact list, emoticons, and friends.

What’s new in this version?
• Easier-to-manage contact list and conversation inbox
• View and participate in up to 5 active conversations at one time
• No more idle conversation experience: Messenger for mobile can now maintain current conversation history and reestablish an idle conversation in the background
• Emoticons are now displayed as graphics within display names and conversations
• Easily change your display name and status, and even set status before you sign in
• Sort and find contacts more quickly and easily (search, filter by group, and hide offline contacts)
• Call or send e-mail to contacts directly from their contact cards
• Converse with temporary contacts (new people who don’t yet appear on your list of Messenger contacts), and receive the option to add them to your contact list

To try it out, browse to on your mobile device and click "Messenger beta". Sign in with your Windows Live ID … and you’re connected!

If you have a comment/question/concern/discussion topic/rant/rave/other – please head over to the Windows Live Messenger Newsgroup.