Posted by Ali

I was lucky to spend last week showing off the new Windows Live Messenger 8.1 Beta at CES in Las Vegas, NV.  It was inspiring to meet so many of our users and to hear from you what you liked/disliked about Messenger.  We were showing off the Voice and Video capabilities of Messenger with the new fabulous Microsoft Life Cams (which I blogged about here) as well as the Messenger phone made by Uniden (Leah blogged about the announcement here) it is a really cool dual mode phone which connects to your computer via USB and to your phone line.  So it is able to make normal PSTN calls as well as VOIP calls.  Next time you are at your local electronics retailer, I highly suggest checking one out!

While demonstrating Messenger I received a lot of questions about how to use different features, if you also have questions, you should check out the Messenger Newsgroups.  There was also a bunch of confusion around what is Windows Live in general.  For more information, check out and you can learn all about Windows Live and the products and services that will bring your online world together.

In other news at CES, Windows Vista won the Best of CES award in the Computers and Hardware Category!!  Congratulations Vista!!  Only 15 more days until it is broadly available!  I am very excited! 

That is all for now, the rest of what happened in Vegas, will stay in Vegas