Posted By Marty
If you look up the sound track to the movie The Aviator and listen to the clip for Happy Feet you’ll get a sense of the feeling around the Messenger team lately. The reason we’re so upbeat these days is the benefits of the many months of hard work on Windows Live Messenger 8.1 are being realized by way of the auto-update activity since the 8.1 final release two weeks ago. As a means of smoothing download traffic when we release a major update like 8.1, we meter the downloads at a steady pace to assure a good user experience and not introduce traffic spikes in the system. After all, our users happiness is always our first priority.    Today was a big milestone for us.  Part of the rollout plan was to slowly ramp up our existing 8.0 and 8.1 beta users to the final version (build 8.1.0178) over several weeks. The system response was so positive that we’ve been accelerating the ramp up since late last week and today we opened the throttle to 100%.  Anyone running Windows Live Messenger 8.0 or 8.1 beta should be getting a toast on sign in advising them of the availability of the final version of 8.1 

To date over 60 million downloads of Windows Live Messenger 8.1 have been completed without any reports of "bad things" happening to you, our loyal users and the download rate continues to increase. Over the next month we will be broadening the updates to all MSN and Windows Live Messenger users running Windows XP and Vista. So when you see the toast and are asked if you would like to update, just say Heck Ya!  …or just select Yes and click the OK button.


All I can say is Thank You Messenger Users. Thank you for using Windows Live Messenger, thank you for running our betas, thank you for the great feedback and thank you for trusting us with your IM experience.

Oh ya, if you can’t wait for the toast, just go get it here!