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Who doesn’t like movies? Anyone …? I thought so…

I love movies that make you laugh , movies packed with action   , movies that showcase new tech stuff  , but I’m not really into moves that make you sad .

I used to watch almost all new releases but lately my priorities have changed and now I mostly watch videos with my son . For the rest of you who still go to every new movie Windows Live Messenger has a pretty cool bot that helps you find shows, theatres and show times near you.

The bot’s address is, just add it to your buddy list and start a conversation with it. As soon as you start the dialog it ask your zip code and then it will show a menu where you can find show times and movies.

For full instructions and more info go to the MovieScout’s site

[Update: the bot only understands US zip codes]

Here is a a sample conversation I had with the bot this morning: said:
Hi, I’m Movie Scout. To read my privacy policy, click

I can help you find movies near you. Please enter your zip code and we’ll get started. If you want to see a list of options, type "menu."
Daniel said:
98052 said:
Type the name of the movie or tell me the type of movie you would like to see.

1 Action
2 Comedy
3 Crime & Espionage
4 Documentary
5 Family
6 Drama

Type a number to select a movie genre or type "more" for more genres.
Daniel said:
2 said:
Comedy movies playing in or near Redmond, WA (98052) on Monday, February 19th:

1 Because I Said So [PG13]
2 Borat [R]
3 Epic Movie [PG13]
4 Music and Lyrics [PG13]
5 Night at the Museum [PG]
6 Norbit [PG13]

For theaters and showtimes, select a movie by typing a number. Type "more" for the next set of results.

If you have a comment/question/concern/discussion topic/rant/rave/other – please head over to the Windows Live Messenger Newsgroup.