Posted by Daniel

A few days ago I’ve got a new camera and I was really anxious to test it out. After a took a few pictures at home the next logical step was to get the camera to work and take some shots of our beautiful Red West campus. I was lucky enough to catch a very sunny day .

Some say that the campus where the Windows Live teams are working is the best Microsoft campus yet. The official name is Corporate Campus North and it’s located about a mile northwest of the main campus. There are five office buildings, a two story cafeteria, parking garages, basketball courts, a really nice small lake, a river and a lot of trees and grass. Most of the Messenger team is located in building D.

Here is an aerial view of the area (the bird’s eye view is awesome):

I created a photo album with the pictures I took. Disclaimer: I have to say that I’m a point and shot person so don’t expect any photographic masterpieces .

Other links about the Red West Campus:

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