posted by Nasa

Thank you to everyone who answered our call for feedback regarding what you want to hear on this blog.  I eagerly read all your comments and found a few themes on what you asked to see:


    • Latest news about Windows Live Messenger: beta information, new features/releases, or even related Windows Live products.

      Perfect! While we can’t post info about feature\releases until they are ready to go public, we will continue to keep our readers updated as soon as they are released.

    • More about existing Messenger features.

      How-To topics like Ali’s contact post, helped some of our users find bits of contact management they didn’t know before.

      It’s great to know that these posts are appreciated! Sometimes I wonder if we’re telling readers what they already know or if we’re really providing some value. We’ll continue to look for features or tips & tricks which might uncover some new features. Feel free to comment on your ideas if you have a particular feature you’d like to know more about. Thanks to the few who already posted ideas to cover – like accessibility!

    • What’s happening behind the scenes: information about the team, tricky bugs, or funny stories

      I think this is a great idea. Since working on Messenger is part of our daily job, sometimes we forget to think about which aspects might be interesting to blog. But I’m sure there are plenty of fun insights we can give. For example, Daniel recently posted about where we work. We’ll have to keep an eye out for some other interesting ones!

For folks who have specific questions about Messenger, features, or issues, … there are a couple things I wanted to note:

    • If you have general questions about Messenger, don’t forget about the online help.

      For example, Deborah wanted to know how to delete a contact once they were added. This help topic provides the steps, or I talk a little about it in my blog entry about "Who’s interested in me?" You can also find information such as keyboard shortcuts, if you are interested in accesssibility via the keyboard.

    • If you want to report issues, or discuss topics about messenger, please visit our newsgroup. It’s a good way to look at what other users might be talking about or experiencing and possibly get 1-on-1 support. 

Thanks again for all your input! We are listening and we’ll try our best to keep you informed!

If you have a comment on this post please comment! For other questions/concerns/discussion topics/rants/raves/etc – please head over to the Windows Live Messenger Newsgroup.