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For my "blog post" this week I thought I would mix it up and IM with you instead. Afterwards I will provide a summary.

Was: Today (April 3, 2007) – 4pm-5pm PST

How: Using Windows Live Messenger, of course (messengerbloggers @ hotmail com)

Things to note:

  • Feel free to ask anything, but of course there are pieces of information I am unable to share to with you (schedules, feature lists, etc)
  • I can only read and reply in English


Thanks everyone who IMed with me this afternoon. It was really fun

Below are some of the IMs that flew back and forth. Yes I have changed the names below (except for mine) and some of the wording.

Jim says:
    Are you human?
Nicole says:
     Well I like to think of myself as a super human, but human none the less…
     I didn’t write a bot for this IM session if that is what you are implying

Matt says:
     Who are you? and why are you on my Messenger list?
Nicole says:
     Nicole from MessengerSays:
Matt says:
     Oh right. Messenger is brilliant

Tom says:
     Are you going to invite everyone into a group chat?
Nicole says:
     No, I am going to have 1:1 chats.
Tom says:
     Oh bye then, I just wanted to watch what everyone else was saying

William says:
Nicole says:
 <yes that was the extent of our conversation, I had several of these>

Bunny says:
     Do you give out your personal emaill address so people can contact you?
Nicole says:
     No, Messenger has over 250 Million users so that is not feasible. User can use the newsgroup, blog, support or the feedback sites to contact the Messenger team.

UKguy says:
     Hello from the UK!
SpainGirl says:
     Hello from Madrid!
Nicole says:
     Hello from Redmond, Washington!
InternationalPerson says:
     If there is another one of these next time can you change the time so I don’t have to be up at 3am?
Nicole says:
     Sure thing, is 4am better  j/k yes we will have them at different times.

Maddy says:
     How do you guys think about new features Messenger should have?
Nicole says:
     We generate ideas from a lot of places – some examples brainstrom sessions, individually thinking and of course user feedback.

Hector has sent you a nudge (x50)
Hector says:
     Why aren’t you answering me?
Nicole says:
     I just did. Sorry I am slow, I am talking to a lot of people at the same time.

Nelly says:
     I am running into a problem <problem here>
Nicole says:
     Not sure about that one you could try the newsgroup or Messenger support

Fluffy says:
     What is in the future version of Messenger?
Nicole says:
     Future features! Sorry I can’t talk about future plans

Billy says:
     what’s ur job exactly?
Nicole says:
     I am a program manager on Windows Live Messenger
Billy says:
     I wish worked on Messenger
Nicole says:
     You can! Finish college and then apply here:
Billy says:
     Great! Will I get to work with Bill Gates?
Nicole says:
     Although Bill works at Microsoft he doesn’t work on Messener specifically.

Simon says:
     messengersays blog posts are the crazietest posts i ever read lol
Nicole says:
     is crazy good?
Simon says:
     i mean, really funny

Geek says:
     How many people are talking to you?
Nicole says:
     The most at one time was about 22. It is very hard to manage 22 flashing windows at once
     However hundreds of people added the MessengerBloggers email address today. Maybe people are shy

Abby says:
     Where can I report abuse of the Messenger system?
Nicole says:
     In Messenger 8.1 go to Help -> Report Abuse

Judy says:
     This was great will there be more of these sessions in the future?
Nicole says:
     Yes. Stay tuned to MessengerSays for the details


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