Posted by Ali

Thank you to everyone who left a comment on my last post.  It was a blast to read through them all.  Our users are some of the most creative in the world.  And now without further ado,  here are the results (in no particular order):

What is your one favorite Messenger Feature?

  • IM
  • Video Call
  • Sharing Folders
  • Voice clips
  • Emoticons
  • Games and Activities
  • OIM – Offline IM
  • Nudge
  • Display Picture and Personal Status Message that follow you (new 8.1 feature!  To read more about it see Nicole’s post on it)
  • Ability to log into Messenger with any email address (For more information, go to

What one feature do you wish Messenger had?

This part can be broken up into two catagorties.  Features to be improved and new features that you want.

Features to be improved:

  • More Messenger Customization (Skins, emoticons, winks, games)
  • More feature in Mac Messenger (Go here for more information about Mac Messenger)
  • Better Auto-Update
  • Better text customization in IM (More font colors, better bold/italic support)
  • Better Vista Integration
  • New features that you want:

        • Custom Animated Display Pictures
        • Ability to show different status to different people or groups
        • Make it easy to search for other messenger users
        • Multiway Video Calling
        • Display picture history
        • Tabbed Windows
        • Save IM conversations into Hotmail
        • Spell Check
        • Phone calls, ability to buy a phone number and have it go to Messenger.
        • Have all Messenger clients work together.

    Thanks again to everyone for your fabulous ideas.  Who knows, you may see some of these features in the future.   

    If you have a comment on this post please comment! For other questions/concerns/discussion topics/rants/raves/etc – please head over to the Windows Live Messenger Newsgroup.