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One of my favorite features of Windows Live Messenger is Music Mix. If you’re a veteran MessengerSays blog reader, you might remember Leah posting about this in January 2006. This feature is so cool, it worth another mention for users who haven’t discovered it yet!

Music Mix allows you to listen to music with your friends via a shared playlist. Each person can:


  • add/remove music to the playlist
  • re-order songs in the playlist
  • play, pause, start or stop the music

Music is played simultaneously on each computer. It’s very cool!

If you haven’t tried it yet, here’s how:

Use the "Activities" button from the conversation window. You’ll see a drop down of activities. Select "Music Mix". This will send an invite to your buddy.

When your buddy accepts, Music Mix will begin to load.

Once loaded, you can add music by clicking the "add music" button.

Select the MP3, WMA, or WAV from your hard drive. When you click "open" the song will start to load on your friend’s machine. Once loaded, you can both play the song.

Your friend can also add songs to the playlist. You will see their song loading, like below.

Rock on!


Thanks for all your questions and comments on this post. You reminded me that I also wanted to mention some notes from Leah’s post:

  • Remember – you’re sharing a play list. If you fastforward, skip, or stop a song, your buddy will hear the same thing you do.
  • Songs are not actually transferred to your buddy, only a compressed version is temporarily cached on their computer while you mix.  
  • Playlist file formats are wma, mp3, & wav
  • Music Mix holds up to 25 songs at a time, each a max of 20MB in size. You must delete songs to add more
  • Album art info is shown at the top of the activity window only in the US, but obscure songs can sometimes show the wrong album art.
  • The Search button only shows up for songs added by your buddy, clicking it will take you to an MSN Music search for your song


  • Currently only available in the US, France, Germany, Japan, and the UK.
  • Requires WMP 10 or greater, which is available for Windows XP and up.

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