posted by Nicole

The following may not be news to some of you but here is a quick round up of some happenings around Windows Live.

Windows Live Spaces Road Trip – if you don’t have summer plans yet this sounds like a blast. Make sure you check it out asap – you need to enter by May 15th!

HOT happenings with Hotmail – there is a lot of excitement over in Hotmail land too much for me to do it any justice in providing a recap. Check it out for yourself!

 When was the last time you changed your password? If it is has been a while I suggest you change it – head here.

 Search and Love – interesting post over on the Live Search blog – discussing how Search and Love are related…

 Jigsaw Too – this is my new favorite game in Messenger! You and a friend get to work on a puzzle together. It is great for me and my sister since we live about 6 hours apart so we couldn’t do this otherwise. All of you puzzle fans check it out!

 Upcoming Windows Live Mail release – is just around the corner, check out the post for details – including background on the name.


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