Posted by Jason

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a million things going on around you all at once.  You’re writing an e-mail, browsing the web, answering your phone, carrying on a conversation in Messenger, and thinking about what to have for dinner… all at once.

Lots of times, my friends say to me, “Hey… do you remember that link I sent you last week?  The one with the video?”  Um… no…

Messenger has a great feature to help with this problem!  It’s called the conversation history.  The conversation history is an archive of the messages sent between you and your buddies.  This feature is off by default because, well, some people get a little uneasy about saving all of their IM’s.  That’s understandable… but you might just find this feature REALLY useful!

To enable conversation history, click on “Tools – Options” in the main window or any conversation window.  Select the “Messages” item from the list on the left.

Select “Automatically keep a history of my conversations.”  “Show my last conversation in new conversation windows” is also a very handy feature!  You can save your conversation history to any folder, but it defaults to “My Received Files\History” your Windows Documents folder.

The next time you have a conversation with a buddy, your IM’s will be saved on your hard disk.  To see a history of your IM’s, go to “File – View message history” in the conversation window.  It’s easy to search your message history or delete it, if you choose.

So, the next time your buddy sends you a link and asks you about it later, you can refresh your memory with the conversation history!

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