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Aloha, my people! 

I just got back from Hawaii.  Hawaii, and I believe this deeply, is exactly like I expect heaven to be… minus a view tiki torches and tourists (grin).  A former Microsoftie up and got married on the isle of Kauai, and although it was a TREMENDOUS HARDSHIP, what could I do but throw myself on the grenade and accept my duty as a loyal friend and confidante and attend the wedding?!?  Well, I did and WOOHOO!  What a blast.  I am red as a cherry, but it was soooooooo worth it.

This is the color of the sky for much of my time in Hawaii.  Ohm….. Ohm…..

This is the fire dancer that came to our Luau. (Sorry, I have to say this.)  He was sooo hot!

Here are a few dolphins who popped in for a "Heighty Ho!" when we were speeding around the Na Pali Coast.

This is the Na Pali Coast at sunrise.  And yes, my teammates, I do occasionally see the sunrise.

And this is the Na Pali Coast just after midday.

And this is a picture of my finger, taken when we were surrounded by sea turtles for about three seconds and I was trying desperately to get a shot in before they swam away.  (sigh)

So, you say, what exactly has this to do with Windows Live, Messenger or otherwise?!?  Well, just this.  While I was on Kauai (aka the Garden Isle), I experienced a vast VAST array of multiculturalness.  (And yes, that’s a word.   I made it up just now.)  The native Hawaiians, the Samoans, Tahitians, and the assortment of tourists from all over the United States, Europe and Asia.  We even met a guy from Australia.  Way cool.  So I though, Hey!  Why don’t I show my awesome Messenger people a little trick they can use to experience a little multiculturalness themselves?  BRILLIANT!!

To get started, you will need to go to ( 

WARNING: SIGN OUT if you are signed in!!  You will LOSE all of your settings if you click on Start Over if you are signed in.  That’s BAD.

There is a list of international links listed below.  And don’t cry if your country isn’t listed.  I wanted to grab a sampling so I asked everyone in my hall where they were from and POOF!  I got my list.  Oh, and I highly suggest flipping through the different pages and getting the latest news stories and entertainment bits and pieces relevant for that country.  Its waaaaay fun!   You may not understand the language (although you may!), but pictures speak a thousand words, heh heh.

United States:

Tip: After you select a country, select the "Personalize page" link next to the house (picture below).


When you are done with that country, (AND MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT SIGNED IN) select the "(Start Over)" link at the top of the page in parentheses next to the Sign In link and Icon to get you back to your original search state.  This will allow you to explore even more countries!  yay!

To go back to your country of origin, just hit the "(Start Over)" link (AGAIN, MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT SIGNED IN) on the site that you are on, and return to  You should be back where you started. =) 

I love doing this little walk around the world.  It’s almost like I am taking a little peek at my neighbors to see what they are up to..not that I am nosy.  Just curious (grin).  "Hello, South Africa!" I say as I tour their news sites.  "What great events are unfolding in your part of the world?"  When I get REALLY wild, I will change my Messenger passport profile to a different country and sign-in to Messenger.  Then I explore the tabs and look at the MSN Today window.  Heh.  Multiculturalness rocks!!  Woohoo!!  Jump in and explore with me!  The water is just fine. =)

The Ocean, between Kauai and Niihau, the Forbidden Island.  Isn’t it BLUE?!?

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