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In May, MSN launched a new site called Live Earth @ It’s an exclusive website for Live Earth: The Concert for a Climate in Crisis.

On 7/7/07, over 150 artists from around the world played music for the cause on seven continents (even Antarctica). Venues included US, UK, Japan, Brazil, South Africa, China, Australia, and Turkey. What an event! Zack Kushner (Live Earth Blogger), writes more about it here.

If you missed hearing about this, it’s not too late. You can view the concerts, learn what you can do, and see what people are talking about all at I’ve been tuning in all week and I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface of the content that’s out there.

Listening to people talk about their concern for our climate and the passion to make it better inspires me to think about what I can do. It also made me realize: Live Earth is much more than a concert. Participants (everyone involved, not just the artists/celebs) want to catalyst the worldwide community to a single vision and mission: convert concern to action. As one artist said in an interview: You wouldn’t want to burn down your home, we need to think the same about our planet.

Live Earth asks individuals to make pledges like:

    • switch to compact fluorescent bulbs
    • set thermostat to 55F when sleeping
    • maintain properly inflated tires
    • set water heater temperatures to 130F
    • choose seafood wisely
    • buy EnergyStar appliances and electronics
    • wash and rinse in cold water
    • buy locally produced food and produce
    • drink from reusable glassware
    • walk, bike, and carpool

What I really enjoy about this cause is that it focuses on what each of us can do as individuals. It emphasizes that each of us has an impact and responsibility. It also made me realize that even the small things matter. For example, writing a blog entry and spreading the word … As one artist put it: you don’t have to make big changes, just do what you can.

Download the Messenger LiveEarth Themepack and show your support!

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