Posted by Jason

GoPets Ltd. and Microsoft Casual Games are pleased to bring you a special version of GoPets tailored to Windows Live Messenger!  Over the past few weeks, we’ve launched a unique version of the popular virtual pet game in Australia, Japan, Korea, and the US.  If you use Windows Live Messenger in one of those countries, you now can find GoPets in the conversation window’s game menu.  This will enable you to sign up with a friend and watch your adopted pets interact real-time.

If you don’t have a friend online to play with, Lily Panda is always awake and ready to play with you.  Just add her to your contact list using, say hi to her, and type “start” to let her know that you are ready to start GoPets.  Like all GoPets, Lily travels the world socializing with other pets, and sharing adventures with them.  To find out what’s new in Lily’s world, you can check out her spaces page.

Once you’ve adopted a pet, you’ll find tons to do in the GoPets world, including caring for and accessorizing your pet, playing mini-games, and socializing with other pets around the world.  To learn more about everything you can do in GoPets on Windows Live Messenger, check out our website!  We’ll be bringing GoPets to more markets each month, so stay tuned for more info as our world-wide release continues.

Now get out there and adopt your pet today!

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