Hey MessengerSays readers,

I’m honored to be one of the first guest bloggers here at MessengerSays.  My name is Rob Dolin and I’m a Program Manager on the Windows Live Spaces team.  

I’ll (unsurprisingly) be blogging about integration points between Messenger and Spaces.  Spaces is a blogging, photo sharing, and social networking service.  It’s built by a bunch of engineers who share a cafeteria with the Messenger folks. 

As you also probably know, the “gleam” (right) in Messenger tells you when a contact has posted a new blog entry, photo album, list, expo listing, etc. on Spaces.  But another view on “What’s New” with your friends that’s also available.  Click the Spaces icon at the top of Messenger to go to your Spaces homepage and see “what’s new” with your Messenger contacts.  The page shows up to 20 updates by default and you can click through to see up to 100. 

You can also find other links to get started on the Spaces homepage like links for writing a blog entry, sharing photos, creating a list, or inviting friends.  You can also see recent comments on your Spaces blog and find links to Explore the Spaces community

Merged screenshot of Spaces homepage:

If you’re using Spaces, there are also a bunch of great Messenger integrations

Thanks for reading to the bottom of the post ;).  If you have suggestions for how the Spaces team can help make your Messenger experience better, please leave a comment.  Thanks—


P.S. Thanks to Jason B. and Stacia S. for letting me be a guest blogger.