Back in March, Nicole told you about the i’m Initiative – this program allows users to select one of ten non-profit organizations that will receive a donation every time they send IM’s with friends and family. The site includes all the details and lists the non-profits, which include Susan G. Komen for the Cure,, and Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

The Windows Live Messenger team is extremely happy with the success of the i’m Initiative, and even more excited about our customers’ enthusiasm for the opportunity to help support these worthy causes. Our users are taking advantage of this opportunity to make a difference in the world by doing something that they already love to do.

You’re telling your friends about this program, too!  Since the i’m Initiative’s launch, the Messenger network has grown nearly 25% in the US.  Why does that matter?  More users means more conversations – more conversations mean more money for the charities!  Keep up the good work!  If you know someone who isn’t on Messenger , or you have a buddy who doesn’t have the  emoticon in their name , help them get with the program!

All we can say is THANK YOU!!!


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