Posted by Aaron

Hi, I’m Aaron, a PM for Messenger on the Voice, Video and Sounds team.

A year or so ago I bought my wife a new digital camera. It came with a very detailed, and very boring, instruction manual. We never read it. The camera was a basic point and shoot camera, nothing fancy. It did what we needed. It was only 11 months later, during a vacation to France when we asked a random person to snap a photo of us did we discover a really cool feature. It turns out, this gentlemen had the same camera, and had read the instruction manual.

Instruction manuals give you an overview of what your new camera, or new software application can do, but why do they have to be so boring!

The Messenger team has put together an awesome introductory video for Windows Live Messenger. This video is SO much better than an instruction manual! The onscreen guide walks you through many of the features of Messenger to give new and long-time Messenger users insight into what Messenger can do.

Don’t let some stranger tell you about cool Messenger features, find out for yourself with this great video!


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