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Hey There Readers,

Eric from the Spaces team guest blogging today. I wanted to share my thoughts on a relatively new Messenger feature that I’ve really been digging lately – “Music Mix”. In case you haven’t discovered it yourself, “Music Mix” allows you and a buddy listen to a shared music playlist simultaneously.

For example my old friend Scott, who is a huge music fan, lives in New Jersey and I live in Seattle. We chat on Messenger all the time. Now with “Music Mix” he can play me all the cool new songs he’s been listening to right from a Messenger window and I can share my favorite tracks instantly with him. It’s like having your own little private jukebox. Both people can add songs to the “Music Mix”, fast forward or rewind and the changes will instantly be mirrored on each other’s mix. So if one person declared “whoa, awesome drum solo” the other would have just heard said awesome solo at the same time.

To start listening to music with your friends click on the Activities tab and select “Music Mix”.

Here I am schooling my pal Rob on some classic Prince:

And if you want to share a playlist of songs you are particularly proud of you can create a Music List on Windows Live Spaces. You can make this list look extra cool by adding album covers from (note: this part is only available in some markets).



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