posted by Lonn


Hi everyone, it’s been a week since we’ve launched the beta and we’re really pleased by the overall positive comments we’ve heard, both on this blog and throughout the media.


As with any beta, things might not always be perfect and we appreciate you trying it out and letting us know what you think.  I’ve been reading through the comments and forwarding all the bugs and feedback on to the Messenger team.  Because of the amount of feedback we get it’s impossible to personally respond to all of you, but just wanted to say thanks again.  It’s particularly helpful when you provide steps to reproduce your problem.


All major issues have been logged and are being addressed.  Here are a few that I wanted to quickly comment on, that were brought up by some of you.

Custom emoticons don’t display properly to the user. (We’re working on fixing this… Fyi, they do show up to the person you are sending them to).

Changing your status using the drop down menu can cause errors with the layout.  This is a known issue around High Dpi.  The work around (for now) is to your the File menu to change status.

Ad content.  I’ve brought up some of the concerns raised about the contents of a few ads with the advertising team and they are looking into this further.


Regarding feature requests/changes.  We will continue to work towards the final release and feedback like yours is taken into account along with input from many other sources.  In the end, we’re confident that we will have an extremely solid product that we’re all proud of and that you will love to use.


Btw, in the next few days, if you are still using a previous beta build of Windows Live Messenger that came out earlier this year, you will receive a prompt/message to upgrade to the latest beta version. We strongly encourage you to accept the upgrade and give us any feedback on the upgrade experience. Yes, we care and just thought we’d give you a heads up!  All of you that have downloaded the latest beta version over the past week, won’t see the prompt and can ignore this friendly notice. 🙂


Lastly, I’ve had the pleasure of using the new version of Windows Live Hotmail over the past little while as an internal tester and highly encourage all of you to check it out when the upgrades begin to go public very soon.  It’s cool and it’s super fast!


Thanks and talk to you more soon.