Posted by Lonn
We just made a big announcement on our Windows Live Wire blog about how Windows Live will help you keep your life in sync.
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"Today is a very exciting day for Windows Live – for the hundreds of people who work on building and delivering Windows Live, for the hundreds of millions of people who use Windows Live, and for the thousands of Windows Live advertisers and partners. Around the world, today is the day that we’re finally able to share the innovations in communications and sharing that we’ve been working on and will release shortly.
People sometimes ask me “What is Windows Live?” and “How does that relate to Hotmail, Messenger and Photo Gallery?” Historically, people have had entirely separate e-mail, IM, and sharing solutions – with different contact lists and totally different tools. But we’re now at a point where we can go beyond silo’ed communication tools that don’t work together – and start to integrate the best of them together with one contact list. In Windows Live, we’ve been working towards this for a while, but with this upcoming release, we’re taking a huge step forward in providing an integrated personal communication service – integrated across Windows Live and across the other services on the web."…
– Brian Hall, GM Windows Live Business Group
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I’ll keep this post short, as it’s been a pretty long day, but I’d encourage you to read through the full posting to get a sense of the exciting direction that Windows Live is heading.  Windows Live Messenger has always been a core part of Windows Live and will continue to play an integral part of the Windows Live experience.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be able to provide more details about some of the things that you may not have seen in the beta but that we can now begin to talk about.
The team has been working extremely hard to take into account all the valuable feedback we received and we look forward to providing you with an incredible release in the coming months.  In the meantime, I threw together a quick little video that walks you through the latest Windows Live Messenger experience.
Thanks for reading/watching and thanks for using Windows Live Messenger.