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Fun things you can do this Holiday with Windows Live Messenger and a Webcam

Whether across the world, the country or the other side of town, it is easy to stay in touch, face-to-face, during the holiday season using Windows Live Messenger video calling and your webcam. And today, with many people looking to reduce holiday-related travel costs, video calling offers an alternative, fun and affordable way to connect with distant loved ones. With a real-time video call you can share a tradition, tell a tale, sing a song and spread some holiday cheer…together!

Windows Live Messenger video call quality is better than ever. With the most recent Messenger release and a quality webcam, you can now experience a clearer, sharper picture with full-screen VGA video. True VGA video (640×480) is up to four times better resolution then prior solutions when switched to full screen. To experience a true VGA video call, you will need the latest version of Windows Live Messenger, a webcam, a PC with a dual core processor and broadband Internet connection.

Additional improvements have been made in faster connection time to initiate a video call and a video-centric interface when not in full screen mode.

Other fun things you can do with your web cam.

  • Create a dynamic profile picture (see the post from Steven on how to do this)
  • Place yourself in a holiday visual effect (using the software that comes with your webcam)
  • Try Windows Live Video Messages Beta when your friends are not available for a Messenger video call
  • Customize emoticons with images of yourself (See screenshot below)
    • Tools > Emoticons > Create >
      Then select a picture that you’d like to make into a emoticon by clicking ‘Find Image’.

Need a webcam for yourself or a gift?

Find out about our Windows Live partner webcams from Microsoft, Logitech and Creative Labs.

Hope you are all having a safe and happy holiday season.  All the best,

The Windows Live Messenger Team